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LUDI Solutions Corp. offers a wide catalog of services that include Designing & Building, Sound Reinforcement, Permanent Sound Installations, Camera Security Systems, Stage Sound & Backline Rentals, LED Screen Rentals, Projector Installation and much more in the State of Florida.

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Audition is the formal phrase for hearing. Audition comes from the root word, “audio” which means “sounds.” It may be passive (hearing) or active (listening). Audition is important in providing feedback for the mind, as well balance of the body. It’s the second more important sense in humans.


The act or power of seeing. Sight: the most important sense in humans by which the qualities of an object (as color, shape, and size) are perceived through a process in which light rays entering the eye are transformed into signals that pass to the brain
The LUDI Audiovisuals integration team provides a variety of audio-visual solutions. Our Team designs AV systems, offers technical consulting and audio-visual equipment installation including AV systems control, line array sound systems, sound reinforcement, LED video displays, digital signage, video projection, lighting, HD video conferencing, wireless collaboration and we offer managed services maintenance.
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Jasmine Jackson
LUDI solutions are experts when it comes to providing and installing audio equipment. Javier helped me on the phone with all my questions and concerns. Highly recommend!
Giovanna Dell'Amico Roldós
I recommend this company 100% if you are looking for a sound or audiovisual equipment. They're very professional, reasonable and honest. Excellent products and great prices.